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Sexual assault online

sexual assault online

If a photo/video of you has been shared without your permission Remember, its not your fault if someone shares a photo/video of you without your permission.
Information is also available on this site for families and friends live sex for free of survivors.Unlike email or other instant messaging platforms, which save information that can be accessed later, the Online Hotline does not keep the transcripts of chats.If youre not sure if the relationship youre in is genuine, look for other signs of exploitation and abuse or an unhealthy relationship.More information about Title IX and finding your campuss coordinator is available on this informational Title IX site.Please note, if you dont report but do have an exam, the evidence from the exam may not be held as long as youd like, potentially limiting the evidence available for a future legal case.Online sexual exploitation and abuse is when one person manipulates another person to get them to do something sexual it's an ongoing cycle of emotional and psychological abuse.Help is available for survivors and their loved ones.Rainn has taken extensive measures to ensure that your Online Hotline interaction is safe and confidential.Contact the VictimConnect Resource Center by phone at or by chat for more information or assistance in locating services that can help you or a loved one after a sexual assault.You must be 16 years old or older at the time of reporting.Many states include the following acts in their definitions: forced sexual intercourse, forced oral or anal sexual acts, child molestation, incest, fondling, and attempted rape.
When you are done chatting with the support specialist, you have the opportunity to leave feedback for rainn about your experience with the Online Hotline.
Involve a safe adult You dont need to show the safe adult the photo/video, but you can tell them whats happening.
Help is available and police take sextortion, blackmail and online sexual exploitation seriously.
You can learn more from rainn about receiving medical attention after an assault.
User feedback helps us to continuously improve the Online Hotline and offer a service that best fits our users needs.
Intimidates you into performing sexual acts without your consent.
Upon review, you will be contacted by a Sexual Assault Investigator if you requested. Blackmail, blackmail is when someone tries to get you to do something for them that you dont want to do by threatening to hurt you.Reporting online sexual exploitation and abuse If you're under 18 and you report online sexual exploitation and abuse to an adult, according to the law, that adult has to communicate with people who can make sure youre safe.An IP address is sort of like your computer's mailing address.If you have other accounts not used to interact with the person, consider increasing your privacy settings.Speak to a safe adult: you could tell a counsellor, teacher, parent/caregiver or family member.Read the full terms, by clicking "Go Chat you are agreeing to the terms).You can also report this person to the police.(This could make the situation worse.) Get support Being exploited and abused doesnt define who you are.They are diverse group of people with different backgrounds and experiences, dedicated to offering support.To limit the spread of the photo/video, you can: Get the photo/video removed Contact the website to try and have them remove the photo/video.

   You'll also be asked to explain whats happening.
If youre dealing with blackmail, sextortion or other forms of online sexual exploitation and abuse, consider the following: Never respond to threats: dont do what the exploiter wants, no matter how persistent or scary the threat may.