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One of the Nazca Lines depicts a hummingbird (right).
98 99 Hummingbirds do not spend all day flying, as the energy cost would horny milf chat be prohibitive; the majority of their activity consists simply of sitting or perching.
Of those species that have been measured in wind tunnels, their top speed exceeds 15 m/s (54 km/h; 34 mph) and some species can dive at speeds in excess of 22 m/s (79 km/h; 49 mph).
67 68 The birds produced 75 of their weight support during the downstroke and 25 during the upstroke, with the wings making a "figure 8" motion.110 111 Feeders and artificial nectar edit In the wild, hummingbirds visit flowers for food, extracting nectar, which is 55 sucrose, 24 glucose and 21 fructose on a dry-matter basis."Geographical Aspects of Bird Flower Coevolution, with Particular Reference to Central America" (PDF).Checklist to the Birds of Colombia 2009.Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine.
Oxford University Press, Ornithology Series.
"Time-dependent thresholds for torpor initiation in the rufous hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus.
41 42 Hummingbird kidneys also have a unique ability to control the levels of electrolytes after consuming nectars with high amounts of sodium and chloride or none, indicating that kidney and glomerular structures must be highly specialized for variations in nectar mineral quality.
"Ultrasonic singing by the blue-throated hummingbird: A comparison between production and perception".
"Why do Calypte hummingbirds "sing" with both their tail and their syrinx?
Domain is owned.
41 The circulating hormone, corticosterone, is one signal that arouses a hummingbird from torpor.The lower beak of hummingbirds is flexible and can bend as much as 25 degrees when it widens at the base, making a larger surface for catching insects.Avalos, G; Soto, A; Alfaro, W (2012).34 35 During flight, oxygen consumption per gram of muscle tissue in a hummingbird is about 10 times higher than that measured in elite human athletes."Hummingbird feather sounds are produced by aeroelastic flutter, not vortex-induced vibration".V.; Corl, Ammon; Rabosky, Daniel.; Altshuler, Douglas.; Dudley, Robert (Apr 2014).