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Only 18 of students had not experienced or witnessed harassment on campus.The report (including UGC guidelines and our recommendations) was attached, along with the real married sex data analysis from the questionnaire.Send us an email at email protected and lets talk!While some of us come from colleges where pro-lgbtq classes and gender workshops are regularly organised for students, others come from colleges that openly encourage homophobia and gender discrimination.It wasnt much but it more or less confirmed what wed gathered.Keen to learn more about the laws applicable to our colleges and to us as students, we had asked lawyer Darshana Mitra to take us through the UGCs guidelines.
What else can I do?
You do not need to be the direct victim of sexual harassment or sexual violence in order to file a complaint with the OCR or with your school.
Should I speak with an attorney before filing any complaints?
These gaps lead to costly consequences.
Addressed to the principal (since it couldnt be addressed to the non-existent ICC or dysfunctional Grievance cell) it referred to the UGC guidelines and asked why there wasnt an ICC in place.
All in the all, the permission process took us about a month.Radio In A Purse group sessions, they then released a SoundCloud series which they now regularly update.We collected data from 282 undergraduate, graduate and part-time college students and 44 college administrators on campuses from the urban, suburban and rural.S.This week, we finally submitted the letter of complaint to the UGC.Hopefully this means well be able to do more next year.Then, we approached sichrem and they advised us to collect some data before filing a complaint to either the UGC or the Karnataka Womens Commission.Handbooks were whipped out, college websites checked, questions asked on class WhatsApp groups.Electronic complaint forms can be found on the.We were told that a message had been sent out asking for students to volunteer for the position, but not one of us had received this message.Since we were dealing with a highly sensitive subject, we needed all the advice we could get.Its been three weeks and they havent got any form of response.Filing a complaint with your school allows you to access help that only the school can provide, like issuing an on-campus no-contact order to the perpetrator, changing your class schedule so that you dont have to see the perpetrator, or even taking disciplinary action against.Take it to the appropriate authorities and when they tried to reason that it wasnt a small matter?

First things first, at Josephs I met the college Public Relations Officer and asked him if I could try and put together a group of student volunteers to organise something related to the college ICC and sexual harassment.
If Ive faced sexual violence, do I have to report the crime to the police before I can file a complaint with my school or with the OCR?